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Bikes, Bikers n Coffees

This was a ride that was long due. Jaiswal n Me were gettin royally bugged and so we wanted to simply hit the roads to enjoy the wind on our face. We were chatting over the phone tryin to figure out a way to begin the day tomorrow. Outta no where he said shall we have coffee at mahabalipuram tomorrow, me as usual said Yes. And then we began frantically calling everyone and found out who all would join us. Siva & Prabhu along with Venkat and venkat’s friend, Lalith Sir, Jaiswal and Me. We all simply met up near Madhya Kailash and drove to Mahabs. We had a gala time bonding mopre with Riders and enjoin the day. It was simply awesome.

Bikes, Bikers and Coffees make a great bond.


Re-Union — Royal Style — V11 — Ooty

The ride was something that we had planning for a while. We all decided to start early so that we are able to reach ooty in time. We kind of started from our Departure Point – i.e Sri Velavan Motors at about 5.30 am. We all drove and reached Motel Highway where we waited for all the other bikers to arrive so that we may click a few pictures and leave, all this was being done by Venkat whose motive we weren’t able to understand. People began gettin irritated and agitated. Then we all began from there and started clocking in the range of 90-110 kmph. After we crossed the first toll and a few more kms our first break down happened where a bike stalled and got over heated. For some reason we figured out that it happened because of improper flow of oil. Got that rectified and then moved on. Then we kept on thumping before we stopped for lunch on that highway after vellore and before the next toll plaza. Then after break fast when we started thumping Hari’s bike started giving loads of trouble. His bike’s coils wasn’t responding well and so his bike took its toll on us by delaying the journey further. Most of us bikers had reached Krishnagiri and waited for close to 1 Hr, by taking rest below the fly over there. Then once Hari arrived we were to understand that he had kind of managed to get a parking spot somewhere and that he parked his bike there in order to avoid further delay so that we could be on schedule. He then took over Prabhu’s bike and began thumping all over again. Then we started from there, even before we drove another 25 kms on a diversion, Aaditya’s bike got punctured and so we had to wait for him, so this time we asked all the other bikers to carry on, before only me, Jaiswal, and lalith sir decided to stay back. Then once these guys arrived after sorting out the puncture, we continued towards ooty. These guys were to stop for lunch, they took a deviation off the road and stopped for lunch, which we werent aware, cos normally we have atleast one person or the bike atleast to show us the way in case of any deviation, we infact drove about another 60 kms ahead and then stopped for lunch at GRT Grand, this kind of dint go well with the other guys who had stopped for lunch on a roadside stall. So then, we dint really create too much of a hue n cry. It was kind of taken in the right spirit and so we continued on from there.

Then we continued on untill the rain gods began the thunderous downpour. We dint have too much time to even think of changing into our raincoats. we were all dripping wet within no time, drenched in the heavy downpour. But then we continued on and at a certain point of time Jaiswal drove past me splashing water all over me. Then we kind of thumped the highway and continued on untill we stopped near a tea stall to get the body going. By this time our clothes also got dry and so the wet feeling remained in the most interior places of our body. Else it was dry. Then we kind of started climbing the hill to ooty from the base point at about 7.30 – 8. After driving for a fe kms the downpour started again will absolute chilly wiinds on ur face. We still continued on untill i found a coffe shop for my soul to find some solace. We all gulped a few cups of coffe and then thumped on to ooty. Even after reaching ooty we almost had to wait for about 30 mins for all the fellow riders to arrive before we marched onto Sterling Resorts. Onece we reached there, it was an awesome feeling wherein we met loads of fellow riders from most parts of the country. It was an awesome evening, chilling and partying. The weather was also supa cold and chilly making the bon fire and the drinks and even more special feeling. We had a wonderful gala time there enjoying in all the competitions and then dancing to the tunes played by the DJ.

Wayanad – Venturing into the Wild

This was a ride that was due for long, the members at V11 Royal Enfield Riding Club decided to hit the roads to Wayanad, planning to park on the banks of the river Kabini. I had already shifted to Blore so I had to convince my mates who were starting from Chennai to take a route that would get them close to Blore from where i would join them for the remainder of the trip. I was to catch them in Hosur, but since my worload did not permit me to leave office early, i decided to join them at Kanapura junctrion of the thally Road. I reached there and to my surprise my mates hadn’t reached that place. So I drove back in the Opposite direction so that i could catch them in the onward journey. I then drove for about a good 15-20 kms before i caught up with them. Only after i caught up with tthem, did i get to know that one of the riders took a wrong deviation and rode for about 40 kms before he realised and began his way back, we lost a good 2 hrs because of this ordeal. Then we began the journey, after a few kms whhile negotiating a series of turns, Mr Prasad lost control of the ride and kinda lay flat on the ground. Touch wood, he wasnt hurt or injured badly. It wasnt a few bruises here n there alongwith a few swellings. It hurt more for the bike owner, Mr Suresh whose new bike lay there on the ground, not too much of a damage, a few dents and thats all.

We then continued driving on and stopped in exactly the same place where we had stopped a year before when we were travelling to  Bandipur. After this we continued thumping and we had a deadline to meet, 9 o clock or before at the check post. But in all this another nike’s tyre got punctured and then we got all this sorted and we marched on.

When we reached the Check Post it was 9.20 pm and the Guards there were hell bent on the law and so they did not let us pass through to the sanctuary. So after all the excuses that we came up with, the stupid and the brilliant ones. The Guards dint buy any of it and so we had to sleep over on the sides of the road and there began the actual unexpected adventure of the trip. Dinthave anything to eat, nothing to drink. No place to sleep. We were like actual homeless certified bikers, we didnt even have our respective sleeping bags to roll into. We had the most excrutiating time of our lives. Most of em driank to their merry and somehow managed to survive the painful shivering cold temperatures. After that eventful night we started to Wayanad once the Check post opened up in the morning. The fog n mist had completely gotten into our helmets, imparing any vague vision we had of the roads. That was when Hari our Lead Rider, got off the road to wipe his helmet’s visor. Once done he tried to zoom onto the road on his bike, when tragedy stuck as he could not complete the manoever and instead fell off the bike and hurt his right shoulder. We thought he might have just got hurt, but it was only later on that we realised that the pain was moreover because there were 3 fractures in the little bone from the neck to the shoulder.

Another fellow rider took over his bike and began riding untill we finally reached the resort. The place was an abslute peach, it was breathtakingly awesome. We had an amazing time there. The ambience, the food, everything was simply awesome. They hada nice snooker table too to simply chill and enjoy. the climate was also wonderful. All my friends enjoyed the place, their respective drinks and the short rides we had over there. Myself, Suresh Sir, Arun and venkat simply rode out into the Wild, takingg those unknown paths looking to discover the wild. We then also stopped by an old Forest Home to click loads of pictures. My FB Profile is one that was taken there. Then we had an awesome bon fire n evening after which we all had enough rest n sleep so that the jouney back would be as much fun as the onward journey. We all started late after a sumptous break fast and a sound sleep. We took the Mysore – bangalore highway this time instead of the Kanakpura Road. Me, jaiswal & venkat alongwith Lalith Sir rode in a pack upfront. We simply zoomed past every vehicle on the road. The Best part was that mine was the only 350 cc bike while the other 3 bikes were all 500 cc bikes. That was supa fun. We stopped in the middle of nowhere in a small dhaba to have a quick bite and then continued on. We reached Nice Road Junction on Mysore road and stopped there at the Toll Gate to grab a few pics and then continued on till Hosur Road near narayana Hrudayalaya where I picked up my back and drove back home inbangalore bidding adieu to all my fellow riders who were continuing on till chennai.

Masinagudi – The Jungle Trail

I wasnt sure even one bit on whether I would be riding this trip alongwith mates from bangalore Motorcycle Club.


The organiser for the ride Niranjan, called me the night before the ride and i asked him to buzz me early morning for confirmation. After his call, I began completing all the pending assignments from Office, i finished them by 3 and den fell asleep not sure on the ride. Around 7.15 am I got a call from Niranjan and for some reason I couldnt muster the courage from within myself to say No for a Ride. All i told him was to continue riding and that I would catch them on the way and then fell asleep.

I got up around 9 and got ready by 9.30 and started riding. The group had crossed around 80 kms and also finished their Breakfast. I was around 85 kms behind them when i started from home. I kept a constant speed of 90-110 kmph and rode along with the ears plugged with David Guetta’s music. I just enjoyed the ride, overtaking most vehicles in my way and continued riding non stop, the crazy thing on this highway is the absolutely irritating Speed Breakers or in other words the walls they have built on the roads.

I was constantly in touch with our sweeper, Imran. I was catching them fast. I had infact got to them at Gundlupet, even before Bandipur Check post. There I met all the Fellow Riders, a few riders from the previous ride and club meetings and others were new faces for me. Met all of them with that cheeky smile on ma face.

We them rode towards the resort – Tiger Claw in Masinagudi. On the way Aiegar’s Bike got Punctured and so we all halted at masinagudi Check post and waited for them to arrive. The puncture was attended to swiftly by the sweeper cum mechanic Imran and there wasnt too much of a delay. We reached the resort, cooled ourselves and then began chit chatting and proceeding for lunch. After lunch we all took a small power nap and then went to the Check Post where we booked ourselves a ride in the Jungle – offered by the Tamil Nadu Govt in a Mini Bus. We saw Wild bisons, Deers, peacocks and then Monkeys and langurs.

IMG_4200   IMG_4096    IMG_4151   IMG_4115      IMG_4256

Every time an Animal or Bird was spotted, the khichik sound was just clattering into our ears because of the shutterbugs. once we were through with the ride, on the way back i hopped on to Suren’s bike and sat reverse on his bike to capture all the others in their Bikes, so much so that everyone began showcasing their styles on the bikes. Clicking them all was absolute pleasure.

The JUNGLE Trail was just awesome.



Then it was all me, on the Reverse Photography in the literal sense, sitting on Suren’s Bike.

   Reverse     IMG_4273IMG_4289       IMG_4366

Then we rode back to the resort, preparing ourselves for the evening where we all sat by the bon fire and simply eased ourselves and chilled to the core. Time for some serious bonding, we had so much fun pulling crazy legs of eveeryone who spoke. Ravi, Akshit and Me literally minced everyone’s words and had the time of our lives just simply laughing our asses off.

The terrifying and embarrasing part of the Bon Fire for many was the introduction and the other details that followed. The ordeal was simple yet terrifying.

We then all headed to our beds to hit the sack, everybody collapsed on the nearest beds they could find.

Evrybody had a nice sound sleep. We all got ready leisurely and then had our break fast, before we began gearing up for the Ride. We started to drive back on the same route we had taken and without any major hiccups we reached Mysore and then drove for about 10 ks wehn we reached a Military Hotel where they served awesome non veg food, so my mates had a gala time feasting on the Mutton, fish and chicken they had in offer, while me and a few poor souls had to make life simpler by having just rasam rice. Then me and Nibala had Paaan to offer some solace to the poor soul.


Awesomely candid Pic of Santosha

Then we all began thumping our way back, jostling in the traffic and making lives miserable for many others on the roads also the unmaginable fun the roads can bring to ones life.

_DSC0619     That me in the Backgroud – Waving with both hands


We all huddled for a final time before the Nice Road junction to have tea and to bid adieu to all the fellow bikers.

This trip has been sealed in my memmory for ever, indeed a memmorable time with crazy friends with unbelievable camaraderie. Just love being a part of this GANG.


AttitudeAttitude Full On


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