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The Laid Back – Adventure

The Trip – Ooty, Mudumalai, Masinagudi, Mysore & Back.

The Riders – Sharoon, Ravi, Venkat, Venkatesh, Nithish, Abishek

The Rides – Classic 350, Yamaha FZ, Classic 500, KTM, KTM, Thunderbird

When we began scheduling for the trip, we had crazy ideas like Kodaikanal, Valparai, Coorg, Murudeshwara and so on and so forth.

Even untill the day we were scheduled to travel we werent sure as to where we are headed to. All we were sure is that we are gonna hit the road and do the necessary Miles and enjoy the adventure.

The day came, when the ride began from Chennai for 4 of the Riders. The started early in the day and rode till about Bhavani where they stopped for lunch, there a localite told them that Valparai would be very dry and to ride to Ooty instead.

I was still in my Office finishing up most of my work, when i got a call from Venkat that they have taken the detour and have began moving towards Ooty. I informed my Partner Ravi Bhai, that we are travelling to Ooty and not Valparai. He was like, who cares a damn as long as we are doing the Miles on the Saddle.

We began from Bangalore at about 8 PM, we were already tired after a long day’s work in the Office, the only shining light in the evening was being on the saddle and kicking on. We stopped at a McD’s outlet and sipped Iced Tea and munched  Burger’s. Then we continued on and while we almost reached Mysore, I began to feel drowsy and sleepy. So we decided to have stop for Dinner in Mysore at some dhaba and then decide what to do after that.

We had a sumptous meal and then decided to drive until Gundulpet and rest there for the night. Once in Gundulpet we parked ourselves in a dingy lodge at about 500 for the night. We took rest sleeping in proper place unlike our last trip to Wayanad where our adventure began when we had to sleep on the roads in those chilly nights in the forest without the priviledge of a Camp Fire.

At Dawan we had already got ready and packed our backpacks and loaded our machines towards Ooty. I had a quick chat with Abishek and informed him that we would reach in about 2 hours. We drove to Ooty through Masinagudi and Hit all the U Turns and enjoyed the Brief stint that the roads gave us. We reached Ooty and learnt that the guys had parked themselves in a Hotel. We joined them, formally introduced ourselves and got the bags in the room and then we proceeded for BreakFast at Arya’s. Once done, The itinery for the day was to visit Avalanchi, so we began in pursuit of the place and we reached there, it was a dam. A nice place away from the hustle n bustle in the town of Ooty. It was very secluded, but ya was fun though. Then we drove to Emerald Dam, this is where we simply rode almost into the water and took some breathtaking pictures, this was fun. Then we decided to head back to Ooty as it looked like as is there was a slim chance of Rains.

We had Dinner again in some place there and just chilled in our rooms, before Venkat came up with the crazy idea to take pictures in the slow shutter speed with absolutely no Light. Then we rode to one of the highways and stopped at a place where it was pitch dark and then began clicking pics, posing as statues for almost 3 secs for each and every click. It was a different experience altogether. The Pics look stunning and awesome, full on attitude.

Then we headed back to our rooms where we again chilled. The best part in all this was that when ever we rode on any road in ooty we would end up coming back to the same road on which we have the ICICI Bank and CCD. Even the Cops on those roads began to recognize our faces and Bikes.

We in between all this had Cofffee and sandwiches and Pathetic Samosas in CCD. In fact as the samosas were stale for which we even got a refund for the amount.

Then we had a lazy morning wherein everyone took their own leisurely time to get sorted and ready before we moved our asses, we had by then decided that we would travel to the forest area in Masinagudi and park ourselves inside the Forest for the Night. We drove to Masinagudi via Gudalur after having Break Fast again in Arya’s. En Route we clicked lots of pics and in fact i clicked pics of the riders while they were hitting curves at speeds. It was fun, most pics were simply awesome.

Then we reached the Mudumalai Reception Office, where we parked Venkat with one of the Officers to get a room, after a long struggle he managed to get a room for all of us at 1900 for the night for all of us put together. It was fun again, staying in the forest area in a small cottage like guest house, where only we were the guests. It was awesome fun. We in fact did not have money to pay for the food that we would otherwise eat so we infact drove back to gudalur and withdrew money from the ATM, about 30 kms. We parked 4 guys on the Check Post so that the Forest Officials allow us to go once we are back.

The food that we had in the night was simply awesome after a long day’s ride. It was delicious and we all eat in our own merry ways. Nithish simply feasted on the food alongwith me and Venkat, Venkatesh just nibbled someting while the latecomers luckily got something to eat.

Sunday Morning we decided to leave for the Forest safari, on reaching the site we realised that we hadnt got the camera so we went beack to get the same, then we had fun in the Safari, after which we rode back to the rooms and decided to leave for back home. Got all this packed and saddled on the Bike, we started for Mysore, where we decided to have lunch around 3.30. We had a tough time locating a AC Hotel in Mysore. Then once we found one we realised that Ravi and Venkatesh got lost and they had a pretty tough time locating the Restaurant GUFA.

Again we had so much fun having Lunch, picking on each other and Venkatesh was the Bunny of all Jokes. This can be illustrated better by Venkat & Nithish.

Then we began towards, Bangalore. In between we stopped for Tea and then we also stopped to cover our baggages in case of the rain, we also clikced a few pics here n there. And then we parted ways as we reached Nice Road on Mysore Road. From there me and Ravi took the shorter route home, while these guys had to ride on for another 390 kms t rch Chennai. Their adventure was more intense from there on, to be riding half asleep and dead tired.


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