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Devarayanadurga – Sunday Leisure Blues – Ride

This is was an absolutely unplanned ride, wherein me along with Vasu Sir and Prakash Sir just minutes before we left from home decided to go to a place called Devarayanadurga in Tumkur District. This place is roughly around 75 Kms from Bangalore.

We took the Tumkur highway and rode leisurely upto Dabbaspet from where we took a deviation towards the right and hit the road that lead us to Devarayanadurga. The road was fun to drive on, it had some nice curves and bends. On our way we had a group of Yamaha 350’s and Duke 200’s on their way back from some rideof their own.

We reached the Temple at Devarayanadurga after encountering some nice clean U Turns.


We understood from a local that The place was originally known as Anebiddasari and Jadakana Durga after a chief named Jadaka and now known as Devarayana Durga after this land was captured by a King Devaraja Wodeyar.

The place was very serene and calm. Once we parked our bikes, it was a climb to the top of the hill where the temple was situated.

We climbed at our own pace, spotted a few monkeys on the way to the top.


Then we had a good darshan. After which we lazed around near the temple, spotted 2 snakes and also took time to munch a few biscuits and kalle pori before we came down to head back home to Bangalore.


We stopped at Kamat on our way back, had food and simply rode back home in a frenzy.

Little did we realize that it was Vasu Sir’s wedding Anniversary that day.

At least my parents were more happy for a change that I spent a day and a ride for a visit to a temple.

Time taken – about one & half hour to reach the temple.

Kms – Around 75 kms

Food – Cold Drinks, Bhajji, Bottled Water, Kalle Pori & Biscuits at the foot of the hill near Parking.

Looking forward to many many more such rides.

The next one looks like ShivGange in Tumkur District.


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