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Weekend Ride – Lepakshi & Nandi Hills

This was a plan that was decided as soon as i got back from Chitradurga. 

The plan was very simple, enjoy the sunday in the best possible way we can and that is to ride merrily.

The Riders – Myself, Nabila, Hari, Nidheesh and Nitin

The Rides – 2 Classic 350, 1 Unicorn

Distance – 120 kms one way

Food – At the junction on Blore – HYD highway where we turn left to Lepakshi, there is an APSRTC Hotel, decent food.

The journey.

We started at about 10.30 from the starting point at Esteem Mall on Airport Road.The road was as straight as an arrow, we drove at a constant speed of about 90-100 kmph. The climate was a huge plus and the breezy wind made it even more memorable.

We stopped on the way for Petrol and then kind of thought we could maybe have breakfast but as the time was 11.30, they were preparing Lunch and so there wasn’t any food for break fast. Then we just had coffee/tea and proceeded to lepakshi.

The temple was just so mesmerizing, said to be built around 1568, around 600 odd years back. The place was simply a paradise for photographic freaks and yes thats exactly what happened. All the shutterbugs went crazy clicking in our own merry ways.

Then we headed to the Nandi that was there in the town and clicked around there too. Oncee done we heded to the same Hotel for Lunch and then headed to Nandi Hills for Sunset as pplanned, on the way he hit a mini cloud burst and continued on to the to of the hill. The place was very windy and cold. But ya the scenic views were simple amazing. Again clicked away to glory, capturing the rays of the sun trough the clouds as the Sun was playing Hide n seek.

Once done we rode back home safely.

It was a Sunday well spent indeed.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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