Tales of a Traveller

Exploring the unexplored.

The Tales of – Orru Chaayaa…!!!

I have always been an ardent lover of that cuppa tea that always comes my way. Morning, afternoon, Evening, late night, early morning… never really matters… its always a yes.

This is like a few weeks before that i happened to get introduced a gang of mallu guys. As time would ave it, most of them happen to be fond of biking and travelling. We already have rode to the airport a few times at about 3 in the morning.

The tale of the chaaya gos like this….

Vijeesh and Rajeev has this peculiar way of asking to go out a cup of tea….. Goes like – Sharon bhai, orru cup chai adichaaaalo…. lets have one cuppa tea in mallu…

This at about 11.30-12 in the night.  We all – Harish, Vijeesh, Rajeev, Renju, Ramu, Joy, Kapra, Biku to name a few….

Our faourite destination is the St, Johns Signal where we somehow manage to find the cycle wala with the Tea and cigarettes.

The ride is fun with all the roads empty. In case the guy is missing, we definitely ride on to all known streets just to find that joint to have that Orru chhayaaa….!!!!

This is gonna be that continuing wish for ages to come.

Bhai…. Orru Chaayaaa Aadichaaallo ????


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