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The Lone Rider

I was coming back from Sri Lanka to Chennai with a very heavy heart as my Girl Friend for the last 5 years had very seriously mentioned about breaking up.

Though it all had taken its toll on me. I was certainly not in any frame of mind to do anything at all. No Office, no friends nothing. I kinda just wanted to get home and be with mom.

So after i got to chennai the very next day I rode to Bangalore on my bull. with so many crazy thoughts coming back to head. I was crying inside the helmet, behind my shades.

Some thought or the other would pop up. So many feelings like love, anger, disgust, insanity, lost, destroyed, pain and many random things I had never felt in life ever before.

so the pain was getting on my nerves. But I aas kind of doing what I loved oing the mist. That is to be on my Bulls saddle. I was simply riding it to get home and chill with mom. This was not my first solo ride.

Its veen a month since I did this ride. I did ride a few 100 kms before I travelled back to Colombo. Its almost 15 days here now and I am kinda getting better with the pain and everything reducing jn the bead.

Apart from just the riding, my yoga and meditation have also helped me to cope up with the stress. It has been a crazy few days. The pain n the memmories are still there.  Let’s hope they heal fast and help feal with the demons.

But this definitely was the most loneliest ride I have ever had in my life ever.


The Upper Country Wonder – Nuwaraeliya – Sri Lanka

An adventure that actually began as an official trip. We began the drive to the hills in the evening around 4 pm from Colombo. Nature was also so happy that the climate began to get pleasant and light showers were greeting us on the highway. we picked up a few biscuits and chocolates and red bulls for the journey. We drove through Hatton to Nuwaraeliya.

We did stop by somewhere in hills amidst tea plantations for a hot cuppa tea. It was a absolutely fantastic. The aroma and the fragrance of the tea was just simply out of the blue.

After helping ouselves to a nice meal and some brilliant tea. We continued on to the hills and reached the Guest House Serenus which had an amazing vie of the Gregory lake.

As there was persistant rains the night we reached. The temperature had dropped like crazy and we simply shivering. we then dug ourselves into the huge blankets and crashed for the night. Early in the morning the break fast served was super healthy with some rally neatly cut vegetables and some juice.

We headed to the famous Golf Club in the region for a meeting. The place was a peach in all this wilderness. It was an age old golf club with the best facilities. There were a few people playing the sport even in the drizzle.

Once we were done witb the moved we moved around in the town finding a nyc place to munch some nice strawberries and some pancakes.

We checked out the local market in town and also walked around the post office n other places. We saw lots of other tourists.

We also went to Piduruthalagala, the highest point in sri lanka. It is a nice place that is guarded by security n army forces as it is the places where they have all the communication towers placed. The view was simply breathtaking and amazing. no words can actually explakn that feeling.

Then we drove back to colombo stopping by at various points to capture pictures either of the tea estates or the small water falls every now n then.

The Lion Forest

That’s wha t the name of the this forest literally means – The Singharaja Forest. This forest is a Heritage site as declared by UNESCO. They say this is among the world’s best Rain Forests to be visiting. If one is taking this trip to the forest one must be prepared to walk miles of kms in a day, continuously. Also one must be prepared to get bitten by a lot of leeches and be prepared to see a lot of reptiles.

We took a bus from Pettah in Colombo to Deniyaya, that is a another entrance to the forest, it is a less explored place. Though the ditance was less than 150 kms, it took us a good 6 hrs to get there by the direct bus we took.

Our guide for the forest tour Sanjaya Ruwan was there waiting for us with his Tuk Tuk. He rode through some crazy little roads for a little over 15 kms and we arrived out the tiny cute little homestay that he had arranged for us.

The place was neatly tucked just outside the forest area. It was so serene and beautiful that we just ended up clicking one too many clicks even before we began the trek through the forest. We began the trek early in the morning so that we could see many birds and the reptiles in the area.

Sanjaya got to the home stay early in the morning. He smeared salt all around my feet saying that it keeps the leeches away. The the trek began, we say some crazy Green Pit Vipers and Black Pit Vipers apart from climbing and walking through this humongous forest to get to some of the waterfalls in the region. The place was simply awesome, very fresh.

After this the next day, we walked around in another direction to see a different kind of flora n fauna. We saw a few Sri Lankan endemic birds. And I also saw a snake that was eating a frog and clicked a few pics.

The greenery was just too peaceful to leave, apart from the fact that there was no mobile network coverage, it was a different level of serenity and joy. After the joyous trip we began on our way back. This time we took a bus to Galle and then the Highway bus to Colombo. We reached much quicker than the time we took to reach there.

The guide in Singharaja Forest Sanjaya did an awesome job, taking us around to the best parts of the jungle. It was a weekend that was very well spent. The joy and the elation was simply profound.

The Lone Rock Fort – Sigiriya & The Rock Temple – Dambulla

A weekend to enjoy and not too many things to do in the guest house, I decided to do what I love most, backpack n travel. I took the bus that went towards Anuradhapura, getting down at Dambulla and proceeding to Sigiriya. I reached close to the fort and saw this huge single kind of rock in the middle of nowhere. Walked up to the ticket counter and was suprised that they gave a discount to the people visiting from the SAARC countries. The climb to rock fort began very steadily with steps that were there. There were huge ponds or water catchment areas on both sides. Then there is a spiral step installed where we get to the Rock Paintings that date back a few centuries behind, if not more.

Then you get to a place called the The Lion Paw. That is from where the steep climb to the fort begins. Though now we have metal steps placed, it is indeed a crazy steep climb to the top. One too many people were huffing and panting in the effort to get to the top. Once you get to the top, all there is are ruins of the fort that kind of controlled the island country. The guides there were explaining everything the knew about the place to all the tourists.

It was very nice. I finished looking around and then descended down and walked out of the fort t the main road, as it was evening, i wanted to find a nice decent place to crash for the night. I was lucky enough to find a place very close to the fort at about LKR 1000 for the night. I stayed there, the guy even allowed me to watch EPL in his house and then I had Rice n Curry for dinner and munched Lays apart from the Plain Tea I kept having.

I left early in the morning towards Dambulla, to see the Rock Temples there.

Once I got to Dambulla bus stand, I asked the locals for guidance to reach the temple. One man guided me and also asked the bus driver to drop me just outside the temple, which he promptly did. There was a huge Buddha Statue to welcome me. They say, this statue of Buddha in this position is the biggest in the world. We then have to walk around the statue to get over the hill where the Buddhist Monks used to meditate in the meditation halls they had created in the hills by cutting the rocks. These places were absolutely awesome. The huge statues, the carvings on the walls, the paintings all around. Everything was simply mesmerizing. The view, the pleasant wind blowing up there, the cute lil lotus pond, the little cats playing around there.

Everything was a sight. Once I was done with the temple, i went back to the town and then took the bus back to Colombo. After having spent the weekend happily getting to know the history of the island country.

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