Tales of a Traveller

Exploring the unexplored.

The Upper Country Wonder – Nuwaraeliya – Sri Lanka

An adventure that actually began as an official trip. We began the drive to the hills in the evening around 4 pm from Colombo. Nature was also so happy that the climate began to get pleasant and light showers were greeting us on the highway. we picked up a few biscuits and chocolates and red bulls for the journey. We drove through Hatton to Nuwaraeliya.

We did stop by somewhere in hills amidst tea plantations for a hot cuppa tea. It was a absolutely fantastic. The aroma and the fragrance of the tea was just simply out of the blue.

After helping ouselves to a nice meal and some brilliant tea. We continued on to the hills and reached the Guest House Serenus which had an amazing vie of the Gregory lake.

As there was persistant rains the night we reached. The temperature had dropped like crazy and we simply shivering. we then dug ourselves into the huge blankets and crashed for the night. Early in the morning the break fast served was super healthy with some rally neatly cut vegetables and some juice.

We headed to the famous Golf Club in the region for a meeting. The place was a peach in all this wilderness. It was an age old golf club with the best facilities. There were a few people playing the sport even in the drizzle.

Once we were done witb the moved we moved around in the town finding a nyc place to munch some nice strawberries and some pancakes.

We checked out the local market in town and also walked around the post office n other places. We saw lots of other tourists.

We also went to Piduruthalagala, the highest point in sri lanka. It is a nice place that is guarded by security n army forces as it is the places where they have all the communication towers placed. The view was simply breathtaking and amazing. no words can actually explakn that feeling.

Then we drove back to colombo stopping by at various points to capture pictures either of the tea estates or the small water falls every now n then.


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