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Crazy Camping in the Town of Balancing Boulders – Hampi



The Lone Rider

I was coming back from Sri Lanka to Chennai with a very heavy heart as my Girl Friend for the last 5 years had very seriously mentioned about breaking up.

Though it all had taken its toll on me. I was certainly not in any frame of mind to do anything at all. No Office, no friends nothing. I kinda just wanted to get home and be with mom.

So after i got to chennai the very next day I rode to Bangalore on my bull. with so many crazy thoughts coming back to head. I was crying inside the helmet, behind my shades.

Some thought or the other would pop up. So many feelings like love, anger, disgust, insanity, lost, destroyed, pain and many random things I had never felt in life ever before.

so the pain was getting on my nerves. But I aas kind of doing what I loved oing the mist. That is to be on my Bulls saddle. I was simply riding it to get home and chill with mom. This was not my first solo ride.

Its veen a month since I did this ride. I did ride a few 100 kms before I travelled back to Colombo. Its almost 15 days here now and I am kinda getting better with the pain and everything reducing jn the bead.

Apart from just the riding, my yoga and meditation have also helped me to cope up with the stress. It has been a crazy few days. The pain n the memmories are still there.  Let’s hope they heal fast and help feal with the demons.

But this definitely was the most loneliest ride I have ever had in my life ever.

The Upper Country Wonder – Nuwaraeliya – Sri Lanka

An adventure that actually began as an official trip. We began the drive to the hills in the evening around 4 pm from Colombo. Nature was also so happy that the climate began to get pleasant and light showers were greeting us on the highway. we picked up a few biscuits and chocolates and red bulls for the journey. We drove through Hatton to Nuwaraeliya.

We did stop by somewhere in hills amidst tea plantations for a hot cuppa tea. It was a absolutely fantastic. The aroma and the fragrance of the tea was just simply out of the blue.

After helping ouselves to a nice meal and some brilliant tea. We continued on to the hills and reached the Guest House Serenus which had an amazing vie of the Gregory lake.

As there was persistant rains the night we reached. The temperature had dropped like crazy and we simply shivering. we then dug ourselves into the huge blankets and crashed for the night. Early in the morning the break fast served was super healthy with some rally neatly cut vegetables and some juice.

We headed to the famous Golf Club in the region for a meeting. The place was a peach in all this wilderness. It was an age old golf club with the best facilities. There were a few people playing the sport even in the drizzle.

Once we were done witb the moved we moved around in the town finding a nyc place to munch some nice strawberries and some pancakes.

We checked out the local market in town and also walked around the post office n other places. We saw lots of other tourists.

We also went to Piduruthalagala, the highest point in sri lanka. It is a nice place that is guarded by security n army forces as it is the places where they have all the communication towers placed. The view was simply breathtaking and amazing. no words can actually explakn that feeling.

Then we drove back to colombo stopping by at various points to capture pictures either of the tea estates or the small water falls every now n then.

Kempu (red), mannu (soil) and gundi (pit) — Kemmangundi

The ride to kemmangundi was with BMC Bangalore Motorcycle Club, we all met at Parle G factory on tumkur road. We had our formal introductions and then the briefing by our Pilot Roshan/ Vasu. We were about 15 bikes. We rode to tumkur at a steady pace before we stopped at our favourite joint for breakfast where all of us gobbled up Idli’s and Vada’s and a few managed Dosa’s too. Everybody slurped their cups of Coffee n Tea.
The we continued on our journey. I was more of a pillion on this ride, clicking photographs and enjoying the ride. We rode through a state highway with people crossing the roads like maniacs and also we had cows n dogs enjoying the roads at their leisure.
We reached Kemmangundi in Chikmangalur around about Lunchtime and unwinded ourselves to enjoy the place. We all had Lunch and then took some rest before we headed to explore the place. We rode to Kalhatti Falls and then we headed to a garden which was well maintained. Vasu Sir, Imran and many others had their share of fun with the sprinklers installed to water the lawn grass.
Then we trekked to a place from where the view was serene and blissful.
We took our strolls and enjoyed the trail. Clicking loads of pics and helping each other in the steep climb. The place has a lot of trails on offer and can be enjoyed for trekking and other adventure sports in winter.

Distance – 275 kms from Blore Approx

Cost – Around 2k per head in a decent Overnight Home Stay including 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner & 1 Breakfast.

The Tales of – Orru Chaayaa…!!!

I have always been an ardent lover of that cuppa tea that always comes my way. Morning, afternoon, Evening, late night, early morning… never really matters… its always a yes.

This is like a few weeks before that i happened to get introduced a gang of mallu guys. As time would ave it, most of them happen to be fond of biking and travelling. We already have rode to the airport a few times at about 3 in the morning.

The tale of the chaaya gos like this….

Vijeesh and Rajeev has this peculiar way of asking to go out a cup of tea….. Goes like – Sharon bhai, orru cup chai adichaaaalo…. lets have one cuppa tea in mallu…

This at about 11.30-12 in the night.  We all – Harish, Vijeesh, Rajeev, Renju, Ramu, Joy, Kapra, Biku to name a few….

Our faourite destination is the St, Johns Signal where we somehow manage to find the cycle wala with the Tea and cigarettes.

The ride is fun with all the roads empty. In case the guy is missing, we definitely ride on to all known streets just to find that joint to have that Orru chhayaaa….!!!!

This is gonna be that continuing wish for ages to come.

Bhai…. Orru Chaayaaa Aadichaaallo ????

Weekend Ride – Lepakshi & Nandi Hills

This was a plan that was decided as soon as i got back from Chitradurga. 

The plan was very simple, enjoy the sunday in the best possible way we can and that is to ride merrily.

The Riders – Myself, Nabila, Hari, Nidheesh and Nitin

The Rides – 2 Classic 350, 1 Unicorn

Distance – 120 kms one way

Food – At the junction on Blore – HYD highway where we turn left to Lepakshi, there is an APSRTC Hotel, decent food.

The journey.

We started at about 10.30 from the starting point at Esteem Mall on Airport Road.The road was as straight as an arrow, we drove at a constant speed of about 90-100 kmph. The climate was a huge plus and the breezy wind made it even more memorable.

We stopped on the way for Petrol and then kind of thought we could maybe have breakfast but as the time was 11.30, they were preparing Lunch and so there wasn’t any food for break fast. Then we just had coffee/tea and proceeded to lepakshi.

The temple was just so mesmerizing, said to be built around 1568, around 600 odd years back. The place was simply a paradise for photographic freaks and yes thats exactly what happened. All the shutterbugs went crazy clicking in our own merry ways.

Then we headed to the Nandi that was there in the town and clicked around there too. Oncee done we heded to the same Hotel for Lunch and then headed to Nandi Hills for Sunset as pplanned, on the way he hit a mini cloud burst and continued on to the to of the hill. The place was very windy and cold. But ya the scenic views were simple amazing. Again clicked away to glory, capturing the rays of the sun trough the clouds as the Sun was playing Hide n seek.

Once done we rode back home safely.

It was a Sunday well spent indeed.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Weekend Ride to Yelu Suttina Kote – Chitradurga Fort – BMC

The excitement for the ride has been very high, in fact on Friday night at around 12 both me and Vasu Sir roamed around Bangalore to get print out’s of the Indemnity Bond for the Ride. We sorted that out around 2 and then slept off to get up at 5 and reach the starting point at the Parle Biscuit factory on Tumkur road.

We all gathered there at almost the times as agreed and began with the impromptu introductions with each other and then started off on the saddle to chitradurga. We kept a steady speed of aroun 70-80 kmph untill we reached tumkur, where we stopped for a sumptous break fast where everyone gobbled up the famous Tatte Idlies and Vada with Coffee/ Tea and the Ciggy’s for the Chimney people.

Once done with breakfast we began thumping, the roads were brilliant apart from a few small hitches here and there, it was otherwise a brilliant ride. So we guys kind of stopped in between for a leak and then gave the pilot guys a substantial lead so that we could like simply thump on and move at our leisurely speeds. We simply flew on the bikes cutting through the wind, I was in fact riding a pillion after a very long time, but ya Roshan never made it difficult at any time. He rode in a way that it just dint feel any worse that i was riding pillion.

We stopped at a deviation that was to take us to Vani Vilas Sagar Dam, one of the oldest dams in India. The road to the dam from the highway was simply amazing, it had loads of turns and bends. Again hitting the curves and bends was simply a refreshing experience. By this time I had saddled up o Ravi’s FZ. It was again brilliant.

The dam was brilliant, the windmills all around it was again a picturesque scene which was simply eenjoyed by one and all. There was a small hill to climb, but everyone wasn’t keen on any kind of trekking so we all simply stopped by the end of the walkway and took some rest before we trolled back to the bikes to begin towards Chitradurga.

As we reached for the highway we stopped as 2 bikes hadn’t come. As we din’t want the entire group to get late, we suggested the pilot group to keep moving forward and Me Roshan and ravi waited for the 2 bikes to arrive, they arrived after about 20 minutes, reason being Anil’s Bike Puncture. Then we began at the recovery time clocking amazing speeds, to caatch up with the lead pack.

That was a gud 30-40 km stretch where Roshan just zipped past and wasn’t to be seen after I kinda got held back behind a lorry. Then we reached Chitradurga, and checked into Hotel Aishwarya Fort. The place was decent and maintained well too. 

We all took some rest and had lunch and then rested for some more time before we decided to go to a Cave, about 1600 years old. The place was built so brilliantly that it was walking, crawling, bending across the caves. It just had so much history in it, that simply mesmerized one n all. The architecture, the thought process behind every work on the cave was brilliant.

Then we got back to our rooms and took more rest as we had to see the world famous Chitradurga Fort tomorrow. The night was well spend having fun, dancing, singing and enjoying. We all got ready at our own leisure times and then began towards the Fort. We reached the Kaamna Dwar entrance of the fort from where we got a guide to tell us more about the fort’s history. The fort was simply planned and built so well that the enemy could not entire through that by any means what so ever. There are close to 150 watchpoints all around this fort making it impossible to get into the fort.

There were temples, gardens, flag points, gymnasiums, we also saw a trail that lead to one of the top points in the fort which was supposedly used to select candidates into the army wherein these guys had to run to the top of that his and climb down as well that too while the hill and the trails is sprayed with GHEE making it slippery as hell. The we saw the ponds that were made only to collect Rain water, these had supposedly enough water in them to suffice for around 12 years. Then we got a point that is possibly the highlight of the Fort, called Onakke Obavva. This because a lady whose name is Obavva, killed a few hundred enemy soldiers who somehow found a way into the fort (a back door entry), she killed almost all of them with her Onakke (the wooden plank used to grind wheat, rice). The rocks and huge boulders all around the fort resembled many animal, like an elephant, a rhino, a frog etc. The was a water spring also in these where the water was like freezing cold. we clicked lots of photos and made merry. 

Then we descended back to the hotel to start for the return journey. It was again an awesome ride back. Everyone was advised to heavy break fast. This also made a few kinda sleepy too, but then riding back also was simply amazing.

There were a few first timers when it came to long rides in a group, all of them had fun and enjoyed the ride as much as the veterans did.

This was amazing, looking forward to many such brilliant experiences.

Shivgange – Weekend Ride & Trek

As planned on the previous ride, I was all clear on where i was headed to this weekend. All I wasn’t sure was, who would partner me if at all someone would join in. This time it was Ravi who somehow managed to scrape some time off on a sunday from his busy schedule that he adheres to all week as vasu Sir was on some pre planned work at home.

We started at about 12.15 near Vasu Sir’s house. We both headed on to Tumkur highway and continued on our merry ways untill we realized that we both had to fill petrol. We stopped for Gas and then vroomed on.

The road was awesome, we reached Dabbaspet and took the left to Shivgange and reached there by around 1.30 pm. We parked our bikes and started the climb.

The climb has a few temples, Devi Temple and Shiva Temple to begin with before the actual climb to the Top begins. On the top there is a beautiful statue of Nandi carved out of single. The climb to the top is about two kilometers from the parking lot. But this is actually more of a steep climb that most trekking enthusiasts will enjoy. The climb was very steep, but was manageable.

The climate was very windy and cool yesterday and so we were able to cover the distance more easily. We enjoyed the trek, as it began drizzling on our way to the top, the camera wasn’t put to action. But once the rain stopped, we began clicking and manged to get a few decent snaps.

The descent downhill was as mush scary as the ascend. My legs began disco dancing (shaking) after a certain point of time, because of the jerks my knees had to encounter.

It was fun spending a sunday enjoying in a different way.

Shivganage – 65 kms from Blore

Time Taken – 1.5 hours

Route – Blore – Dabbaspet – left to Shivgange

Road – Decent roads.

PS : Photos will be uploaded soon.

IMG_5730 IMG_5713 IMG_5780 IMG_5783IMG_5722  IMG_5743 IMG_5748 IMG_5749 IMG_5758

Devarayanadurga – Sunday Leisure Blues – Ride

This is was an absolutely unplanned ride, wherein me along with Vasu Sir and Prakash Sir just minutes before we left from home decided to go to a place called Devarayanadurga in Tumkur District. This place is roughly around 75 Kms from Bangalore.

We took the Tumkur highway and rode leisurely upto Dabbaspet from where we took a deviation towards the right and hit the road that lead us to Devarayanadurga. The road was fun to drive on, it had some nice curves and bends. On our way we had a group of Yamaha 350’s and Duke 200’s on their way back from some rideof their own.

We reached the Temple at Devarayanadurga after encountering some nice clean U Turns.


We understood from a local that The place was originally known as Anebiddasari and Jadakana Durga after a chief named Jadaka and now known as Devarayana Durga after this land was captured by a King Devaraja Wodeyar.

The place was very serene and calm. Once we parked our bikes, it was a climb to the top of the hill where the temple was situated.

We climbed at our own pace, spotted a few monkeys on the way to the top.


Then we had a good darshan. After which we lazed around near the temple, spotted 2 snakes and also took time to munch a few biscuits and kalle pori before we came down to head back home to Bangalore.


We stopped at Kamat on our way back, had food and simply rode back home in a frenzy.

Little did we realize that it was Vasu Sir’s wedding Anniversary that day.

At least my parents were more happy for a change that I spent a day and a ride for a visit to a temple.

Time taken – about one & half hour to reach the temple.

Kms – Around 75 kms

Food – Cold Drinks, Bhajji, Bottled Water, Kalle Pori & Biscuits at the foot of the hill near Parking.

Looking forward to many many more such rides.

The next one looks like ShivGange in Tumkur District.

The Laid Back – Adventure

The Trip – Ooty, Mudumalai, Masinagudi, Mysore & Back.

The Riders – Sharoon, Ravi, Venkat, Venkatesh, Nithish, Abishek

The Rides – Classic 350, Yamaha FZ, Classic 500, KTM, KTM, Thunderbird

When we began scheduling for the trip, we had crazy ideas like Kodaikanal, Valparai, Coorg, Murudeshwara and so on and so forth.

Even untill the day we were scheduled to travel we werent sure as to where we are headed to. All we were sure is that we are gonna hit the road and do the necessary Miles and enjoy the adventure.

The day came, when the ride began from Chennai for 4 of the Riders. The started early in the day and rode till about Bhavani where they stopped for lunch, there a localite told them that Valparai would be very dry and to ride to Ooty instead.

I was still in my Office finishing up most of my work, when i got a call from Venkat that they have taken the detour and have began moving towards Ooty. I informed my Partner Ravi Bhai, that we are travelling to Ooty and not Valparai. He was like, who cares a damn as long as we are doing the Miles on the Saddle.

We began from Bangalore at about 8 PM, we were already tired after a long day’s work in the Office, the only shining light in the evening was being on the saddle and kicking on. We stopped at a McD’s outlet and sipped Iced Tea and munched  Burger’s. Then we continued on and while we almost reached Mysore, I began to feel drowsy and sleepy. So we decided to have stop for Dinner in Mysore at some dhaba and then decide what to do after that.

We had a sumptous meal and then decided to drive until Gundulpet and rest there for the night. Once in Gundulpet we parked ourselves in a dingy lodge at about 500 for the night. We took rest sleeping in proper place unlike our last trip to Wayanad where our adventure began when we had to sleep on the roads in those chilly nights in the forest without the priviledge of a Camp Fire.

At Dawan we had already got ready and packed our backpacks and loaded our machines towards Ooty. I had a quick chat with Abishek and informed him that we would reach in about 2 hours. We drove to Ooty through Masinagudi and Hit all the U Turns and enjoyed the Brief stint that the roads gave us. We reached Ooty and learnt that the guys had parked themselves in a Hotel. We joined them, formally introduced ourselves and got the bags in the room and then we proceeded for BreakFast at Arya’s. Once done, The itinery for the day was to visit Avalanchi, so we began in pursuit of the place and we reached there, it was a dam. A nice place away from the hustle n bustle in the town of Ooty. It was very secluded, but ya was fun though. Then we drove to Emerald Dam, this is where we simply rode almost into the water and took some breathtaking pictures, this was fun. Then we decided to head back to Ooty as it looked like as is there was a slim chance of Rains.

We had Dinner again in some place there and just chilled in our rooms, before Venkat came up with the crazy idea to take pictures in the slow shutter speed with absolutely no Light. Then we rode to one of the highways and stopped at a place where it was pitch dark and then began clicking pics, posing as statues for almost 3 secs for each and every click. It was a different experience altogether. The Pics look stunning and awesome, full on attitude.

Then we headed back to our rooms where we again chilled. The best part in all this was that when ever we rode on any road in ooty we would end up coming back to the same road on which we have the ICICI Bank and CCD. Even the Cops on those roads began to recognize our faces and Bikes.

We in between all this had Cofffee and sandwiches and Pathetic Samosas in CCD. In fact as the samosas were stale for which we even got a refund for the amount.

Then we had a lazy morning wherein everyone took their own leisurely time to get sorted and ready before we moved our asses, we had by then decided that we would travel to the forest area in Masinagudi and park ourselves inside the Forest for the Night. We drove to Masinagudi via Gudalur after having Break Fast again in Arya’s. En Route we clicked lots of pics and in fact i clicked pics of the riders while they were hitting curves at speeds. It was fun, most pics were simply awesome.

Then we reached the Mudumalai Reception Office, where we parked Venkat with one of the Officers to get a room, after a long struggle he managed to get a room for all of us at 1900 for the night for all of us put together. It was fun again, staying in the forest area in a small cottage like guest house, where only we were the guests. It was awesome fun. We in fact did not have money to pay for the food that we would otherwise eat so we infact drove back to gudalur and withdrew money from the ATM, about 30 kms. We parked 4 guys on the Check Post so that the Forest Officials allow us to go once we are back.

The food that we had in the night was simply awesome after a long day’s ride. It was delicious and we all eat in our own merry ways. Nithish simply feasted on the food alongwith me and Venkat, Venkatesh just nibbled someting while the latecomers luckily got something to eat.

Sunday Morning we decided to leave for the Forest safari, on reaching the site we realised that we hadnt got the camera so we went beack to get the same, then we had fun in the Safari, after which we rode back to the rooms and decided to leave for back home. Got all this packed and saddled on the Bike, we started for Mysore, where we decided to have lunch around 3.30. We had a tough time locating a AC Hotel in Mysore. Then once we found one we realised that Ravi and Venkatesh got lost and they had a pretty tough time locating the Restaurant GUFA.

Again we had so much fun having Lunch, picking on each other and Venkatesh was the Bunny of all Jokes. This can be illustrated better by Venkat & Nithish.

Then we began towards, Bangalore. In between we stopped for Tea and then we also stopped to cover our baggages in case of the rain, we also clikced a few pics here n there. And then we parted ways as we reached Nice Road on Mysore Road. From there me and Ravi took the shorter route home, while these guys had to ride on for another 390 kms t rch Chennai. Their adventure was more intense from there on, to be riding half asleep and dead tired.

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