Tales of a Traveller

Exploring the unexplored.

Exploring Tips

Always remember the proverb – “When in Rome be like a ROMAN”

  1. Always travel light, the lesser the luggage the more swiftly you move.
  2. Respect the heritage and culture of the place you are in.
  3. Refrain from provocative clothes, especially women. Will help you to avoid the unwanted attention.
  4.  Women to use a stole or Dupatta to cover your chest. Then probably you can get away with wearing all your favourite Tees.
  5. Study the place before you get there a little. This will help you to be prepared.
  6. Make sure all your tickets and cash and other ATM Cards are all safe. Always have some cash separately when you travel.
  7. If on a Road Trip, get your vehicles checked before you begin travelling. Also carry a map of the entire route.
  8. When in places like Chennai/ Delhi/ Goa/ Pondicherry etc it is always better to hire a motorcycle in order to escape from the exhorbitant rates the Auto rickshaws charge. Or look at hiring a cab.
  9. In Mumbai, never trust anyone who says you destination is just a 5 min walk away. Always take a Taxi or a rickshaw.
  10. Always invest on a route guide of the place you are planning to visit.
  11. Depending on which part of India you are travelling, the temples have different timings of opening / closure and breaks.
  12. Also these temples have different clothing rules, especially for temples in kerala men have to wear dhoti and no shirt is permitted while for women they have to be clad in a saree or in Pavada Davani.
    Salwaar kameez, Kurta Pyjama, Trousers, Bermudas, T Shirts etc are all a strict No.
  13. At all times keep someone informed about your whereabouts. Maybe Tweet away your entire journey.
  14. Get a good camera to capture the moments of your expedition.


More Tips will be added as and when they cross my head.




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